Unrivalled Customer Focussed Consulting and Services

Blending our Managed Document Consulting portfolio with our extensive range of Business and Professional Services and industry-leading Maintenance Services empowers Value Computers to add value to businesses at every level.

From the initial proposal through to implementation and on-going management, we assure that our world-class hardware and software products will continue to operate seamlessly and reliably. This leaves our customers free to focus on their everyday activities, confident in the knowledge that a tailor-made document solution from Value Computers will continue to deliver improved productivity, workflow efficiency and cost control benefits.
Managed Document Consulting
The key to effective business partnership is trust, which is why our Managed Document Consulting portfolio is focused on bringing a better quality of service to each and every customer. We deliver long-term business value, with speed and efficiency by gaining essential insight into your organization. We work together to develop a thorough understanding of your business using proven methodologies and share our expertise of market leading technology through our proprietary tools and consultative approach. We empower you to make smart business decisions based on the best information and advice available. The result is a Total Document Solution, more productive and secure than ever before, achieving tangible cost benefits and allowing you to focus on your core business.
Business & Professional Services
Significant advantage can be created by ensuring your document environment is in tune with your business – essential in this highly competitive ‘information age'. We know that every customer is different and that there can be no ‘one size fits all' approach to implementing hardware or software. We are dedicated to providing Business & Professional Services - working in partnership with you to maximize return on investment and ensure your document solutions are available to all of your people all of the time.
Maintenance Services
Maintaining maximum availability of your document output devices will empower your people and help them to perform effectively. Our innovative technologies and highly skilled teams can provide exactly the right blend of sophisticated on-line support tools and maintenance systems that will help you maintain business continuity and profitability. You can rest assured that we can be on call for you, providing the powerful, responsive and streamlined Maintenance Services you need to help keep your business running at peak efficiency.