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What is Pay Per Laptop ?
Pay Per Laptop is a refreshing industry leading solution from Value Computers, this flexible agreement is based up on the current and future needs of the customer, not the traditional hardware sale, break fix agreement where the user is tied to a machine lease/service agreement. Value Computers has a fleet of computers to suit the needs of even the most demanding of applications. With a clear TCO "Total cost of ownership" based upon a menu pricing per deployed machine. which can be exchanged to suit any changing needs from our extensive range of Laptops.
So where do we start ?
We at Value Computers believe the best place to start is with a complete and in depth audit of the department or workgroups current arrangements. This in most cases show the true costs and inefficiencies which arise from the use of unsuitable or outdated systems.
What happens then ?
Value Computers
will then, where applicable give a quotation to supply replacement equipment suitable for the exacting needs of the users shown as a result of the audit.
What is included ?
Pay Per Laptop from Value Computers gives a clear ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ of equipment expressed as a price per usage which usually includes the hire cost of equipment, maintenance, service, training and support.
Want to know more ?
Pay Per Laptop is simply a very effective Plan that gives organisations the tools they need to do the job in today’s fast changing and challenging business environment. All we ask is you to give us your expected usage (this can usually be easily obtained from the results of the audit). We then use this as a basis for our calculations and any proposal we make to you.
How long is the Plan ?
We agree with you at the outset how long you need the facility : Plans are usually 24, 36 - 60 months. We continue in collaboration with you to evaluate your needs and where necessary upgrade your equipment or plan to suit your needs.
What happens now ?
Would you like to see just how much your organisation could benefit from a Pay Per Laptop plan from Value Computers
Just make contact with one of our team from the details below and we will do the rest.

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