Value Computers is a leading provider of Total Document & IT Solutions. Value Computers provides cutting-edge IT based hardware and software solutions for the document life cycle, combined with a range of Business and Professional Services, which includes world-class customer support and consultancy. Our Solutions are given below :

Value Computers and The Environment - Our Earth, Our Tomorrow

Value Computers through its partners leads the office automation industry in striving to create products and processes with minimized environmental impact, as well as promoting partnerships with governmental, industrial and environmental groups. We work according to the philosophy, “Our Earth, Our Tomorrow”. This is based on the notion that because we share the planet, we share in a duty to protect and preserve it.

Saving Paper

Our double-sided output speed for printing and copying, which is almost as fast as that of single-sided output. Double-sided printing and copying should be encouraged as not only does it reduce paper usage, but it also results in energy reduction.

At Value Computers we are also aware that environmental protection is an important issue for our customers and together we can make a difference to the environment. We encourage them to make best use of our products to promote an environmentally friendly business. Specific benefits our products offer include lower noise pollution, prevent ozone emissions, recyclable components and other energy saving measures.